Lilith (lilithilien) wrote in we_love_jo,


Good morning sunshine!

*flinches at your glare*

*whispers* Oh, was that too loud?

Just wanted to send you a little distraction to keep you sane(r) on this beautiful Friday morning.
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Oh my god, you have discovered Ze Frank's site! That's so cool. This is new stuff I haven't seen there yet!!!!

but of course - ze Frank ees ze best friend a gul can haff.

*twiddles fingers* and aren't you supposed to be writing?
Yes I am! *weeps* Waiting for bosslady to like... wander off so I can focus!

Tag coming after she does, and drabbles, and VHS wonkiness! That's the plan, anyway!
*adores* Hugh <3 Dave.

Need distraction - John's angsting again. I wanted to send him off to a nice Caribbean resort where he could relax for a while, but NO, he had to go to a Con where he'd have all these angsty thoughts to angst about.
But he angsts so beautifully! I just read it. *nods* Well done.
*blushes* Thank you!

<3 your icon!

And you've got mail!